We caught up with Barcelonian designer Victor Castanera to chat about the process and inspiration behind his most recent work, Areniscos.

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1. What sparked your initial interest in design?

VICTOR CASTANERA: Design is the key to change the world in all senses and they way to make real all our aesthetic and social ideas. A designer can expand a philosophy through himself.

2. What was the inspiration behind Areniscos?

VC: I wanted to make a reflection about the relationship between the human being and his environment. I think it’s important to keep the essence of being human in order to have a good relationship with our environment, so I designed a production process where the user and nature work together in a natural atmosphere. Also, the beach is one of my most inspirational points as a Mediterranean citizen.

3. What are the steps of the process?

VC: First, you throw the water on the sand and choose all the holes you like and want to “fossilize.” Next, prepare the resin and fill it over the holes, making different layers depending on the size to make it strong. Then cut the edges before the resin catalyzes to get a circular shape. Finally, take the bowl out of the mold to varnish and polish.

areniscos from Victor Castanera on Vimeo.

4. You describe Areniscos as a “decision of nature.” Could you elaborate on that?

VC: A natural physical phenomenon between two natural elements creates a unique shape that is going to be different every time, even with human help. So it’s nature who ultimately decides the final shape of the bowl.

5. Your portfolio boasts many mediums. What are the major differences when working with natural materials versus synthetic?

VC: It all depends on the way you use it. Areniscos is more an experimental and conceptual process so you enjoy the production process more. Natural materials can transmit a sensibility that synthetic cannot.

6. What advice would you offer aspiring designers?

VC: To believe always in what you like and what you feel to find your personal style. Understand every project as unique, looking for a clear and simple but strong personality.




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