“Time moves differently when you are on a trip like this. Each day is packed with an endless amount of things to keep you busy so time feels like it’s flying by. Yet, the shear amount of memories makes yesterday feel like a month ago. It’s a strange experience that comes to life when you push your limits. This can happen for anyone, it has nothing to do with riding motorcycles. 2 wheels just happened to be our poison of choice for this adventure.

To me, this is what truly living feels like. That’s why we push all the negative thoughts aside and jump into the unknown. It’s what makes us real. I feel extremely fortunate to have truly lived for the past 30 days.

The only question that remains: what’s next?”

– Excerpt from Under Open Air’s (@underopenair) 6000 mile motorcycle ride across the Trans-America Trail. Check out the full story HERE.



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