“After you do something long enough it becomes a part of you. The way you interact with the world changes. Even walking down the sidewalk, I pay attention to the cracks. The spacing. The depth. How easy would it be to ride over this? I notice the texture of surfaces, take note of curb heights, and fantasize about hitting that handrail. I’ll scope out peoples feet to see what shoes they’re wearing. You can tell a lot by the wear patterns left on shoes by griptape. Goofy or regular? Kickflips or heelflips? If there’s wear on both shoes then they skate switch. Sweet. Not everyone can say they have something that has shaped their lives like this. Skateboarding has given us long lasting friendships, it has sent some of us all over the world, and it has taught us a thing or two about ourselves. It’s kept us young. As the late Jay Adams once said, “You don’t quit skating because you get old. You get old because you quit skating.” Skateboarding is our thing.”

– Excerpt from Will Corwin’s story about growing up, skateboarding, and find purpose in it all. Check out the full story HERE.





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