Shwood Mixtape No. 5

Showcasing a different side of Portland’s deep, diverse, and often eccentric music scene, Shwood’s Mixtape No. 5 is all about the beat. While the cliché of Portland is one of bearded men crooning over plucked acoustic guitars in coffee shops (and it’s not entirely untrue), the city also has a rich and rapidly growing electronic music scene where artists have opted instead for wiring up samplers and synthesizers in crowded warehouses. STRFKR (formerly Starfucker) lead off the mixtape with a massive wall of arpeggiated synths anchored by live drums and a saccharine pop sensibility; Nu Shooz (famous for their classic 1986 hit “I Can’t Wait”) toss in their recently-unearthed-and-released time capsule of an early 90’s new jack dance party; and Glass Candy wrap up the mix with a icy, 7-minute melodramatic, new-wave synth saga that practically insists on a late night road-trip down the PCH.

Download the mixtape.

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  1. Quality as usual, thanks for all the great inspiration and good vibes!

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