The Oxidized Collection

Earlier this week we debuted our latest material experiment, The Oxidized Collection. To complete this project, our product design team harnessed the power of oxidization to bring brilliant turquoise, blues, and golds from genuine brass. These brass inlays are then applied to two versions of our classic Canby silhouette for a look that has truly stood against the tests of time. To accomplish the oxidizing process that normally can take months to years, we apply a calculated mixture of ammonia & salt to raw brass in a controlled container. When cleaned and polished after a day-long resting period, the results are quite stunning.


Check out the photos below, watch the video of the process, and visit our WEBSITE to see more.

Final.00_00_11_15.Still003 Test_1.00_02_56_22.Still004Final.00_00_35_06.Still006 Final.00_00_43_10.Still007 Final.00_00_46_02.Still008 MT0A1858 MT0A1806 MT0A1832 MT0A1839MT0A1869 MT0A1896 MT0A1922  Test_1.00_08_58_23.Still002

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