The Lowline – The World’s First Underground Park

An abandoned subway stop in Manhattan’s Lower East Side is the future site of an amazing feat of ingenuity: the world’s first underground park. Using new technology that allows funneling sunlight from the street above, the three-block-long park will host flourishing plantlife, bringing nature back into a previously desolate urban artifact.

The Lowline is projected to open in 2020. For a peek at what the park will be like, the Lowline Lab, which shows off the technology with its indoor garden, is currently available to the public each weekend at 140 Essex Street, New York. For more information, visit the Lowline’s website.

An artists rendering of the future Lowline Park

An artist’s rendering of the future Lowline Park

An artist's rendering of the future Lowline Park

A demonstration of the technology.

A demonstration of the technology

The Lowline Lab.

The Lowline Lab

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