San Francisco/Utah contemporary retailer Bastille recently began carrying Shwood and to celebrate our work together we thought we would feature them here on our blog. Their shops include outstandingly curated men’s and women’s collections and we’re thrilled to be included alongside some really great brands.

We recently had the chance to talk with Jessica Hughes, Bastille’s social media coordinator to discuss Salt Lake City fashion, curatorial inspiration and handcrafted goods.

79 S Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City, UT
6191 S State Street, Murray, UT
66 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA / @ilovebastille


How would you describe a typical Bastille customer?

Jessica Hughes: There isn’t a typical Bastille customer; we try to offer something for every type of client.
There are customers that come into Bastille looking for a specific item or brand and we are able to provide those pieces for them. Then there are those who have never shopped with us, who stumble upon our store, and it’s exciting to educate those customers on the brands we carry.

How do you decide what brands to carry?

JH: It has to make sense for the esthetic of our store but we strive to find new and exciting pieces for each specific season.  It is our goal to provide great fashion for our clients with brands of varying price points. Our main goal is to provide something for everyone.

Would you consider Salt Lake City / San Francisco to be fashionable cities?

JH: We would consider Salt Lake City to be fashionable and we are surprised everyday by not only by the people wandering the streets of the city but that come into our shop. I think with Salt Lake being a smaller city, it’s easy to see those who are fashionable and it’s easy to spot our customers a lot of the time. It’s great that we get to grow with city by bringing in designers/brands that some have never seen before and to see those people out and about in those clothes is rewarding.

How is your shop involved in the community?

JH: Our shop started in Salt Lake City and we’ve tried to involve ourselves in forms of the community in which we can make a difference. Recently we specifically made candles in which all the proceeds went to Equality Utah, the Bastille X PRIDE candle. The Bastille X PRIDE candle was also sold at the San Francisco location and the proceeds went to Equality California.

What do handcrafted or locally made brands bring to your store?  

JH: Bringing in locally made/designed brands gives our store an incredible creative advantage. We just recently started our second season of our brand OTTERS, locally designed and made in the USA. It’s our first season for OTTERS for Women and our second for Men. It’s really incredible to be able to offer a print or a silhouette exclusive to Bastille and one that has been created by our own colleagues. Down to the hand sewn real shell buttons on our oxfords, every detail is considered. As well as some of the other brands we carry that are made in the USA, we appreciate great craftsmanship and design esthetic.





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