Shwood Rx

Introducing our brand-new Shwood Rx Collection. Available in many of our familiar styles, as well as four new shapes specifically designed for prescription use. View photos of our Rx frames below, and see the whole collection over at




Double-Quimby-Woodshop Shwood-Astoria-Tortoise-MapleBurl-Desk Shwood-Belmont-Zebra-Woodshop_2 Shwood-Canby-Walnut-woodshop Shwood-Francis-Titanium-Black-Walnut-Desk Shwood-Fremont-Titanium-BlackBlack-Walnut Shwood-Newport-Black-ElmBurl-Cafe Shwood-Newport-Tortoise-Ebony-Woodshop Shwood-Quimby-black-Ebony-Woodshop

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