SunRay Kelley

Growing up in the wild hills of the Pacific Northwest, it seems like SunRay was always building something. His favorite source of inspiration and materials is the woods around him, “God’s Hardware Store” as he calls it. When working on a project it is not uncommon to see him pick up a saw and head off into the woods looking for the right piece of wood to present itself. If he says anything, he’ll mumble “I’m going shopping.”

Check out more of SunRay’s work here:

Filmed by Gary Tyler Mcleod & Austin Will
Edited by Gary Tyler Mcleod

About the “Inspired By…” video series:

The Pacific Northwest is overflowing with creatives. Everyone from artists and musicians to engineers and architects call Portland home. Immersed in this culture of thinkers and makers, the team at Shwood is constantly drawing inspiration from the artisans that surround us. The “Inspired By…” video series is intended to share some of Shwood’s daily inspiration with others around the globe.

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  1. nancy smith August 31, 2011 5:44 pm #

    i love the houses and land…everything about this artistic landscape. build me an aerial house, will you? i’ll come fly!


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